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Sharp's Taffy N Ice

Sharp's Taffy N Ice is for Sale! Sharp's Taffy N Ice 04-27-2006

Lechga's Creme Caramel X Fire N Ice

Taffy is our “at long last” baby. Her mom was bred to what turned out to be a sterile male for several years. Later she still didn’t settle and we were beginning to think she never would. Taffy’s arrival was a bit of a surprise but certainly a happy one. We could not have asked for more. She produced her first baby,a jet black suri male, Sharp's Black Jack. We have not bred her since. 7/15

Sharp's Pink Champagne 07-15-2006

Sharp's Charm X Peruvian Platine 975

This one will be with us for a long time. Her mom was the third daughter of our Bona Sere but first to live beyond a month of age. She was charmed, hence her name. When Charm delivered her first baby almost three weeks early during a heat wave, we were concerned for the baby. “Pink” was soon back with her doting mom and we thought that things were going well. Three weeks later, Charm developed a serious infection and despite intense effort we were unable to save her. “Pink” was our baby again. Happily for her when Anna N Ice had her baby she was willing to take too. Piny is absolutely beautiful and tough as nails. She truly touches my heart. We bred her once and she was not able to feed her baby. She is now one of my fiber llamas. 7/15
Sharp's Pink Champagne
Sharp's Mu Lan

Sharp's Mu Lan is for Sale! Sharp's Mu Lan 07-17-2006

Sharp's Panda X Peruvian Platine 975

Mu was the second of our hot weather premies in 2006. In Colorado we rarely have heat waves but as the rest of the country sweltered, so did we. We discovered her shortly after birth and despite the heat of the day, we had a lot of trouble getting her temperature up. After a hot water bath and a blow dry we had her stabilized and returned her to her mom. Several hours later I found her in the barn bleeding from her navel. Again she came in the house for care and she stabilized but too late to bond with her inexperienced mom. John cared for her, while we were busy with Charm and Pink, so we have given her to him. Although not suri, she is just wonderful and such a beautiful color. Did I mention that she is the first one to give us a kiss when we go to the pasture. Since we must downsize she is reluctantly for sale. She has never been bred. 7/15

Peruvian Estes Si is for Sale! Peruvian Estes Si 09-06-2005

Peruvian Noveena X Peruvian Sirius

When Doug went in the pen with the other young females donated to the Suri Llama Association fund raising auction, he loved this little lady. Her fine, suri fiber is quite exceptional as is her conformation. I love the fact that she is a 100% Peruvian. She is our first white suri and I can’t wait to spin her virgin fleece. Thanks to the Brant family for donating her. We sent "Si Si" to Oregon to be bred to Tapa de Seda. Her suri baby girl, Sharp's Si Seda is quite amazing. We did not breed her again until 2013 and she had a white male with an amazing silky fleece in 2014. 7/15
Peruvian Estes Si
Sharp's Silver Delight

Sharp's Silver Delight  is for Sale! Sharp's Silver Delight 04-25-2005

MW Papa's China Doll X Peruvian Platine 975

Delight’s birth was just that and a great way to start off 2005. She is what I was hoping for when we purchased China Doll to breed to Platine. She was shown at 2006 the Grand Slam in April and earned several admirers. She earned a 170 at the Estes Park Kuring, despite a fleece in need of shearing. We breed her to Peruvian Paymaster and she produces an awesome platinum suri male, Sharp's Dyson who I gelded, now kicking myself, and have kept as a fiber llama. She has not been bred since. 7/15

Sharp's Ana N Ice is for Sale! Sharp's Ana N Ice 10-12-2003

LW Capriana X Fire N Ice

When Ana was born Doug kept raving about the moose. When I got home I had to admit that she is very tall, very beautiful and over 30 lbs. What an addition to our herd. She has grown very well, has earned her ALSA Championship and placed 4th in her class at the ’05 ALSA Grand Nationals. Her first baby was a lovely male by by Sharp's Kingsford, Sharp's Siam. She was bred to Chileno Cachete for a spring 2008 cria. Congratulations to Debi Ignacio on her purchase of Sharp's Annette. Ana has not been bred for several years. Originally black and white her black fiber is now a lovely grey. 7/15
Sharp's Ana N Ice
Starmaker's Star Girl

Starmaker's Star Girl  is for Sale! Starmaker's Star Girl 09-05-2003

Miss Reverie X Bolivian Starmaker

We purchased Miss Reverie only a week before Star Girl was born. We knew her baby would be fantastic and we were right; silver, suri and well built. Her name came from a book my children read in class about a very special young lady. Star Girl remained loving, joyful and true to herself in the face of disapproval and criticism by her peers. They criticized her for showing no desire what so ever to conform. Our little Star Girl is easy to handle but has her own ideas as well and has had no difficulty living up to her name. She placed top 10 in the ’05 Celebrity World Futurity. Her first baby, Sharp's Will See by Sharp's Kingsford, is really growing up well. She was bred Chileno Cachete for a spring 2008 cria and delivered a lovely male, Sharp's Pink Floyd. We kept Floyd who tragically suffered a broken leg in 2014. He sired 2 babies the year before. She is not the friendliest llama and probably is not for a first time owner. She has not been bred since 2007 but her offspring and grand offspring are amazing. She would be a valuable addition to any breeding program. 7/15

Sharp's Platinum Mist  is for Sale! Sharp's Platinum Mist 04-21-2003

Sharp's Raven X Peruvian Platine 975

Mist is exactly what we are breeding for. She is platinum in color with twisted, uniform, suri fiber. Her conformation is excellent, her bone looks great and her ears are lovely bananas. We lost her first baby, a silver male, at two weeks to an impaction and she did not settle in 2007. In 2008 she had Sharp's Platinum Prince, a lovely light platinum male when bred to Paymaster. She has not been bred since. 7/15
Sharp's Platinum Mist
Stobies Zarina

Stobies Zarina is for Sale! Stobies Zarina 05-06-2001

Zurconia X Argintine Kobra

Zarina was purchased from the Stobie's at the ‘02 Fall Hartman Sale. This great Argentine Kobra daughter was high selling female and she was well worth it. She is an example of the direction we are taking with our own breeding program. She has it all, size, bone, conformation, fine quality fiber, and of course, a lovely temperament. She placed 6th in her class at the '03 Celebrity Futurity Show. Her first baby, Sharp’s Zara N Ice, by Fire N Ice earned her ALSA ROM in May of ‘05. Her second baby, by Platine was silver in color but lacked the fiber we like. We selected Sharp’s Capri N Ice to sire of her third baby and got Sharp's Tzar Nicholas, a super black and white, show and herd sire prospect. This year she had a promising silver male, Sharp's Xavier, by Argentine Fresco producing Sharp's Xavier. She has not has a baby since. 7/15

Miss Reverie is for Sale! Miss Reverie 04-21-2001

Bauerhemi's Dream Dancer X Merit

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the photo of Miss Reverie in the Burgess’ Final Fiesta Sale. The grey color and the fiber quality immediately caught my eye. The real thing surpassed my expectations, all that and a solid, correct frame. We thanked our luck stars that we were the winning bidders and were doubly rewarded a few weeks after getting her home when Starmaker’s Star Girl was born. Her second baby was very early and although he was gray, his fiber was a bit of a disappointment. She was bred to Fire N Ice for her ’05 baby and Sharp’s Shimmer N Ice is the elegant result. We matched her with Sharp’s Capri N Ice and got Sharp's Caprice. She has not been bred since. 7/15
Miss Reverie
East Fork Blue Spice Cinnamon Ice

East Fork Blue Spice Cinnamon Ice is for Sale! East Fork Blue Spice Cinnamon Ice 12-24-2000

East Fork Haley X Riny's King Crimson

Spicy has always been a wish llama for me. I first saw her a the Celebrity sale where our friends the Cofers purchased her. Her pedigree goes back to industry greats on both sides, many of which I personally remember. Her silver color is perfect for our Precious Metals program. We love and her size, conformation and the fact that she has markings. She was matched with Argentine Fresco and had a great silver male, Sharp's Blue Spice, in 2007. Unfortunately he was killed by lightning while still young. He was a striking platinum with white trim with size to burn. Spicy has not been bred since but whoever takes Paymaster should try that cross again! 7/15

Chilean Asteamy Lady #123 10-30-1997

Chilean Import X Riny's King Crimson

We love silver and when we looked at all of the silver imported llamas in the Burgess' Final Fiesta we selected Asteamy Lady. Her size, conformation, color, fiber type and temperament are all exceptional. My eye is drawn to her every time I look out into the pasture. She came with a ten day old, solidly built, white and grey appy, Chileno Chiri Chico son at her side. We named him Easy As One Two Three and believe that he shows real promise as a top herd sire. We bred Asteamy Lady to Peruvian Platine 975 and got Sharp’s Platinum Bunny in ‘05. Shortly after giving birth she was attacked by a mountain lion. She survived and got better with only a large scar on her back to show for it. Asteamy Lady has remained open since her attack. We placed her as a guardian and she did a great job. We did get her back, through no fault of he own and she is now retired with us. 7/15
Chilean Asteamy Lady #123
LW Capriana

LW Capriana 12-31-1995

Chocolate Delight X LW Gucci

We are proud to own this fine LW Gucci daughter. When we saw her with her son Capriana's Jet at side in the Star Sapphire Ranch Sale, they were our stand out favorites. Sharp’s Capri N Ice, her first Fire N Ice baby, is now one of our junior herd sires. He placed in the top 20 at the '03 Celebrity Futurity, top10 in the ’04 Futurity and third in the Heavy Wool Adult Male class at the ’05 ALSA Grand Nationals. His sister Sharp’s Ana N Ice was 4th in her class and, represented by them, Capriana earned the title of Reserve Grand National Champion in the Produce of Dam class. Despite having two stunning babies with Fire N Ice, we tried her with Platine for her 2004 baby and got a lovely suri male, Sharp’s Cimarron. In ‘05 we bred her to Sangre and got Sharp’s Sangerana. Capriana is now retired.

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