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Click here to meet our herd: our babies, their sires and their dams.  Select from our quality llamas for sale. We have something for everyone: show quality breeding stock, quality fiber producers, pets, packers and livestock guardians.

Sharp's Dyson

Sharp's Dyson 05-30-2008

Sharp's Silver Delight X WSL Peruvian Paymaster

Silver Delight had given us a real winner with Paymaster. Loaded with silver and suri on both sides of his genealogy, he is a perfect member of our platinum fiber herd. His knees originally looked a bit close so we gelded him. They later straightened and I wish he were still intact. 7/15

Sharp's Tzar Nicholas is for Sale! Sharp's Tzar Nicholas 06-04-2006

Stobies Zarina X Sharp's Capri N Ice

Nicky is a wonderful llama. He is ¼ Argentine with wonderful bone, silky fiber, tons of fiber coverage, great conformation, style and attitude. He is always the first to come see what is going on. He will be a natural in the show ring and the breeding program. He stood first in his class in Fort Worth in January 08. We have never used him because we quit breeding our llamas about when he was ready to breed. He is a huge llama with an amazing pedigree. We have always felt that he was wasted here and hope he finds a breeding home. 7/15
Sharp's Tzar Nicholas
Sharp's Babar

Sharp's Babar is for Sale! Sharp's Babar 09-02-2006

PLR Rouge Wa X WSL Peruvian Paymaster

Babar is what we were looking for when we purchased WSL Peruvian Paymaster. His silver coloring with markings is what we are working to put on the sturdy, correct frames of our babies. Named for the king of the elephants, we believe that Babar will be big, sweet and as impressive as his name sake. We are very pleased with how this guy has matured and would have used him as our main sire if we were still breeding. The culmination of our Precious Metals Program. 7/15

WSL Peruvian Paymaster is for Sale! WSL Peruvian Paymaster 02-28-2002

Peruvian Machacha PC-1 X Peruvian Vice

We had been looking for a silver Peruvian herd sire to compliment the platinum and silver Platine daughters we planned to keep. Although his photo in the ’05 Celebrity cataloge did not do him any justice, when I saw him on the sale stage, I believed he would be the answer for us. He also has great bone, excellent fiber coverage and a gentle attitude with people. We are getting just what we hoped for silver and platinum with amazing fiber. Pay and his offspring are all that we were hoping for. For someone willing to take on a will behaved senior herd sire he will continue to shine. Forever homes only please. 7/15
WSL Peruvian Paymaster

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