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Spinning Lessons

                    I love to teach spinning.  I have found spinning to be a fantastic past time, allowing one to be constructive and providing an excellent outlet for creativity. 
                    Controlling the twist, tension and wheel speed can be daunting at first but, as with many things, one’s expectation is usually the major issue.  I tell my students not to try to create a smooth, even strand at first. That ability will come with time and making what looks like commercially spun yarn has never been my goal. Also once learned, like riding a bicycle one does not forget how to spin     
                  I love to play with textures and colors.  It is fun to make everything from lumpy, bumpy specialty yarns to thin, strong warp yarns. Spinners design their yarn for the project being created, from a fine lace to a bulky sweater.
                 Many people come to Pagosa Springs for vacation.  If you are going to be in the area and would like a spinning lesson please call and make an appointment for a lesson.  It takes about 4 hours, with a break for tea, and you will make enough yarn to create a hat. 

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