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This year has been very busy and the llamas took a back seat for much of it.  We are working to get our Gypsy Vanner Horse breeding program off the ground.  Check them out at superiorstables.com .

   We bred several females this spring for '08 babies.  We used Peruvian Paymaster heavily.  Chileno Cachete returned to us and bred a few gals.  Dreamcicle proved himself this spring. 

 We keured most of the herd this year, including blood stock.  It was a lot of work but we are glad we did it.  Our Paymaster babies did exceptionally well.
           We bred to Argentine Fresco, from the Cipriano’s herd, in 2006 and got one female, a silver and white paint,  and two silver males.  We will see which will stay for our Precious Metals program.

           We did not show llamas in 2007.  We just had too many other things on our plate.  We do plan to show at Fort Worth in January '08 and at the Celebrity in the  April.  


           We continued our herd reduction process and will do so again in 2008.  My involvement in the local fiber mill gives me a use for all of the llamas we have but we have greatly reduced the number we are breeding and working to narrow the herd to old friends, silver, gold and black suris. 




Lots is happening in 2006.

 Our children are older, we are traveling more and we have made the difficult decision to put over half of our llamas on the market.  We have been breeding llamas for 27 years.  We can not imagine life without at least some of them but we must drastically reduce the size of our herd.  To that end we sold all but 3 of our minis to Julie Chapman in April.
            Our llamas have been selectively bred for temperament, conformation and fiber.  We believe that they are will make great additions to others herds.  They place well in shows, are a joy to watch interact with and have fantastic fiber for most uses.  With this many available they can also be divided into excellent starter groups.  All Peruvian, starter suri, show toppers: let us know your interest and we will help you select.
            We went to the first Suri llama conference and our first suri llama Kuering.  The conference was so informative and reconfirmed much of what I had thought about fiber.  The advertising program seems so promising.  So much so, we purchases two of the llamas donated to raise funds so we could help, M.R.S. Easy’s Idol and Peruvian Estes Si.
            The organizers of the Suri association truly have a vision and have worked so hard.  We really appreciate their efforts and I look forward to helping them so I volunteered to be on two committees. 
            Although all of our llamas were accepter into the suri registry, the Kuering could have gone better.  We took several llamas so we could learn more and learn we did.  What I did not know was that the judges opinions of the llamas at that moment in time would be posted on the internet.  I really need more time to read.
             With one exception, which I agreed with, our llamas were judged to have great conformation.  
              In the fiber part, all of our llamas, between 11 and 20 months, had “old” fleeces.  We learned that in order to do well, especially with our fine fleeces from our dry climate we should keep them less than a year post shearing or birth and rinse them frequently prior to Kuering really helps.  Had we known more we could have selected younger or already sheared llamas with fiber that would have scored higher. These should have been left at home for shearing and Kuering next year. 
               I fear that uneducated buyers will consider our llamas of less quality due to our mistake in the proper timing for their internet snapshot. We will probably re-kuer some of them but plan to geld at least one.  He will make an exceptional fiber producer and herd guardian.
               Argentine Fresco, from the Cipriano’s herd, will be here for a portion of the breeding season.  We really appreciate his ability to add “Argentine” style bone to his offspring and his color rose and grey coloring is perfect for our Precious Metals program.
                Our Precious Metals Program got a real boost when we purchased two platinum females and one silver female from the Cofer family of Bell Reed Farm, in .   Bal Say You Will is a lovely two year old, platinum colored, Silver Peru daughter. I have coveted Silver Mist and East Fork Blue Spice Cinnamon Ice for years.
                When we visited them we also fell in love with their Gypsy Vanner horses and decided to diversify in that direction as well. but that is a different story.  Our new site, at heritageclassicvanners.com will be up soon.  6/10


            We had a great year at shows in 2005, starting at the Fort Worth Stock Show and culminating at the ALSA Grand National. 
            The Grand Slam was the most intense show I have ever shown in with four judges in the ring at all times.  We did well with most of the llamas we entered and especially well in the Get and Produce classes.  I am most proud of these wins because it means I have succeeded as a breeder.  We went on to win two trophies at the Celebrity World Futurity, one with Starmaker’s Stargirl and one with Sharp’s Capri N Ice.
            We had great fun as usual at the Fall LOCC Show in Castle Rock, Colorado.  It is held over the Labor Day weekend and we strongly recommend it for everyone.   We were so excited when Sharp’s Capri N Ice earned the title of Supreme Grand Champion for the second year in a row.   Again, we offer a big thanks to Wayne Rankin of Golden R Heart Llamas for donating the ‘05 trophy.
            The ALSA Grand Nationals were fun.  We had not had time to go in several years.  We took seven llamas entered in nine classes and came away with five llamas “Top 10”, third for Get and a trophy for second in Produce.  Congratulations to everyone who placed at the Nationals, especially to Julie Koenig, her family and 4H Club who did even better overall than we did.  
            Several of our llamas reached Champion status in the ALSA system: Sharp’s Capri N Ice, Sharp’s Ana N Ice, Fire N Ice for Get of Sire and LW Capriana for Produce of Dam.  Sharp’s Zara N Ice got her ROM and several others are well on the way.  

The Herd:
            We added Peruvian Paymaster in 2005.  He was what I had been looking for, a silver, Peruvian suri.  We are anxious to see his babies due in ‘06.        
             We had lots of great babies.  The number of suris in the herd is really growing and we have several fine herd sire prospects for sale We have continued our effort to cut back the size of the herd, placing several older llamas locally.   6-06




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