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About Our Site

 Our site has been a long time in coming.  My vision for the site, although complicated, is to let you really see our herd.  We have been breeding since 1979 and we are proud of our herd. 
             Unfortunately, our experience with the first web site designer we hired was a nightmare.   She wanted only emulsion photos, no digital.  She had nothing but excuses as to why she never got more than one page up for us and grumbled when I asked to update information she had had for over 6 months. 
            Several years passed before I was willing to try again.  I found a great company with an office about an hour away.  They have designed a site I can update myself.   They are being very patient with me through my learning process.

               The site itself will look narrow if your computer screen is set for high resolution.  I do not personally like the look but unfortunately it will not fit at all on an older screen at all if we make it any wider.          
              I will do my best to keep the site updated.  I have already found that adding loads of llamas is time consuming but removing the llamas we sell and adding new ones and babies has been do-able. 
Unfortunately there are times when I make changes and do not get a chance to proof read them.  I have posted misspelled gobble-de-gook on occasion.  I can only work to do a better job.

The Llama in the Cart Symbol:

            The llamas we wish to sell can be found in any section by looking for the llama in the cart symbol.  If you click on the symbol, it will take you to our email so you can contact us about the llama you are interested in.  If you see a llama you are interested without a llama in a cart near it, feel free to contact us anyway. 
            If you are not sure which llama would be best for you or would like any additional information about a llama you have chosen, we are happy to help you.   We want you make the right match for your program.  
            Discounts are given for purchases of two or more llamas.  Selected females will be left open in order for the new owners to select the service sire of their choice.  Maiden females sold off the ranch will frequently sell with a ½ price breeding to the buyer’s choice of our unrelated herd sires. 
             Please enjoy our site.  Keep checking too because it will change and grow all the time.   10/12


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