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Our Precious Metals Program

Not long after we started breeding llamas, several silver colored llamas became popular nationally.  Although we chose to concentrate on other things than color at that time, we have always admired silver colored llamas.   

A study of coat color genetics along with years of breeding has made it possible for us to better anticipate coat coloration.  Roan and dilute characteristics added to seal bay and black seem to produce silver.  There are non-roan silvers too.  Once these characteristics are present, it is relatively easy to maintain them.  This said, consistently getting llamas that always look silver is not as easy as it sounds.  Many llamas, which are born silver in color, sun fade to light brown and only look silver when their wool is parted or where they are recently shorn. Other silver babies fade to white.  Mixing dilute, roan and paint genes can easily produce blue-eyed babies.   There are lots of pitfalls. 

As our breeding program approached its’ Silver Anniversary, we decided to add silver, which is still an unusual color, to a portion of our breeding program.  Contributors to the start of this program include Sharp’s Black Gold, Sharp’s Raven, Sharp’s Silver Sensation, PLR Rouge Wa, Peruvian Platine 975, GNLC Silver Tone and EL Silver Lining. 

           The addition of Peruvian Platine 975 made us re-think the silver color.  We realized that our interest was actually in breeding for what we now call platinum.  We define platinum as non-browning silver. For us, silver is the color of the llamas that “tarnish” to brown on the outside with time.  Since we also appreciate the colors of our other babies in shades of gold and lustrous blacks we decided to define our color breeding efforts as our “Precious Metals Program”.

           Among our early successes were Sharp’s Kingsford and Sharp’s Platinum Sensation, Sharp’s Platinum Mist and Sharp’s Platinum Rose.  Encouraged, Applegate’s Savannah, MW Papa’s China Doll and Chilena Asteamy Lady 123 were then added to our herd. 

           We are having lots of success, especially with our Platine babies. We added WSL Peruvian Paymaster, a silver Peruvian Vice son, to cross with Platine's offspring and visa versa.   Their offspring are right on track for our goal.

            Gold is also now part of our Precious Metals Program.  Sharp's Dreamcicle and MRS Easy's Idol are leading the way with Sharp's Solid Gold, Sharp's Rose Gold, Sharp's Kandied Kisses and more. 


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