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    Welcome to the Sharp Llamas web site.  We got our first llamas in 1979 and have been happily breeding, raising, training, packing and showing them ever since.  We also use their silky, lustrous fleeces.  Did someone ask, “What you do with a llama?”
     Llamas are wonderful animals. They are curious and smart, agile, willing, gentle and unbelievably kind with children.  Whenever we are with them we are impressed with their sensible behavior and the amount of “heart” llamas posses.  For anyone who enjoys animals, to know llamas is to love them.  We can’t imagine our lives without them.  We are Doug and Jamie Sharp and together with our three children we are happy to have llamas and the opportunity to share them with you.                      
    When we moved to the southwest corner of Colorado in 1995, we designed and built our Pagosa Springs ranch. We dubbed the ranch FireFly Ranch when we discovered the existing occupants.  Fireflies are not common in the Rocky Mountains.  We have paid special attention to keep the “firefly pastures” nice and wet, the way they like them.  Although several drought years have taken their toil, they continue to delight us with their nightly summer “light shows”.
    Doug frequently says that if something can be said in 100 words, I will use 1000.  This does not bother me but in an effort to spare you, please feel free to move straight to the llama pictures in the Our Llamas section of this site.  Llamas that are for sale are listed at the beginning of each section and can be identified as such by a llama in a shopping cart symbol near their names.  If you are interested in purchasing llamas that do not have the cart feel free to email us. 
    I have tried to include interesting and informative sections and add some fun to this site.  You can read about our news, learn about our “Precious Metals Program”, help name a llama, find out what we breed for and why.  We hope you will read the rest of the “Our Story” section but know you will enjoy our pretty pictures!     10/07

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